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    All The Badges (Archived Post)

    Outrageous Administrator
    Outrageous Administrator

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    All The Badges (Archived Post)

    Post by James1011R on Fri Aug 20, 2010 4:02 pm


    - Is or was a Top 10 poster
    - This user is very rich, as in over 75000 credits.
    - This user has gotten 2 or more ranks.
    - This user has VIP.
    - This user has at least 500 Posts.
    - This user has at least 5,000 Posts.
    - This user has at least 100 Fame.
    - This user has at most -100 Fame. (Negative)
    - This user is a Guardian. Salute!
    - This user is recognized for his artistic Skills
    - This user has won 10000 Contest Points!

    - This user is not active or not funny.
    - This user is funny.
    - This user is very hyper and/or very active and/or very crazy.
    - This user is outrageous!
    - This person has been a Sucessful Troll. (Negative)

    Sanctions (Negative):

    - This user is banned (Negative)
    - This user is PM Banned (Negative)
    - This user is IP Banned (Negative) (We like to call this badge the "BXOD")
    - This user is to watch out for a ban (Negative)


    - This user is an Owner. Respect them and fear them at all time.
    - This user is an Admin. Fear them if you have the green X!
    - This user is a Mod. They can lock and trash bad posts.
    - This user is a Mini-Mod. They can only moderate few forums
    - This user is an admin that has banned someone before.
    - This user is a Updater. They update the website at least 3 times. Admin+


    - Worth 100,000 Credits
    - Worth 50,000 Credits
    - Worth 10,000 Credits


    - This is Admin James1011R's commerative badge of honor. (Should only be given by Admin James1011R)
    - This is Forum Owner Deaths thanks/honor badge. (Given away by only Forum Owner Death)
    - This is the forum creator badge. Only Forum Owner Death has this.
    - This user went to an admin chatbox meet.
    - This is one of the first 20 users on the forums.
    To be made... - This user is an AEP. They are the most epic people here!
    To be made... - You have, somehow, gotten the elusive Arceus Rank or in the Arceus user group.


    To be made...


    - Redball, Get this from the Great box
    - Greenball, Get this from the Great box
    - Yellowball, Get this from the Great box
    - Purpleball, Get this from the Great box
    - Orangeball, Get this from the Great box
    - Magentaball, Get this from the Great box
    - Blueball, Get this from the Awesome box
    - Whiteball, Get this from the Awesome box
    - Blackball, Get this from the Awesome box
    - Silverball, Get this from the Awesome box
    - Goldball, Get this from the Awesome box
    - Platinumball, Get this from the Awesome box

    Badges should be here before is it given to any posters...


    1. You must be a administrator OR send Forum Owner Death or Admin James1011R a PM.
    2. Go to
    3. Find a image on google images, or upload one already on your computer.
    4. Copy the IMG code for forums & message boards.
    5. PM Forum Owner Death or Admin James1011R the link of the badge, what it's for, and what category for it. (if you aren't administrator this is it)
    5. Edit this thread. (If your admin continue)
    6. Put it in the category it deserves to be in.
    7. There you go!

    This post is archived in the AOF to prevent it from being lost from hackers.

    Outrageous Administrator

    Admin James1011R


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