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    Info on the next 3 Offical Role Plays's.



    What Offical Role Play are you waiting for the most?

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    Info on the next 3 Offical Role Plays's.

    Post by James1011R on Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:08 pm

    Space Mission will have some workers and have systems.

    Space Mission System Example wrote:Fuel: 100%
    Engine: Pristine!
    Navigations: Right On Spot

    Status: BLUE

    Hypercube Worlds is a Hypercube based role play with the classic rooms and shops and Hypercube Points (HP) and you can interact with others.

    Daemon is a Role Play in a world with 2 sides, The Daemon, and his opposing forces (It needs a name).
    It will be an epic time out there...

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