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    What do all these report reasons mean?!

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    What do all these report reasons mean?!

    Post by James1011R on Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:15 pm

    Inappropriate - Content is too mature for users
    Spam - Content is useless and not in Spam thread.
    Harassment - Content harasses another user
    Swearing - Using mature words
    Impersonation of Staff - Acting like a staff member [e.g. Stop before I ban you!] (Does not include Noble)
    Being mean to Staff - Harassing or otherwise being rude to a staff member
    Flaming - Outright trolling of something or someone
    Disruption - Causing chaos in the forums or causing flamewars
    Bad Links - Link to mature content
    Forum Stretching - Using super long strings of characters to stretch the forums
    The Reason You Requested Does Not Exist - No reason
    Asking for Location - When someone asks for an address
    Password Scamming - Trying to steal passwords
    Fake Contests - Holding up a contest with fake rewards and fake everything
    Copyvio - Post constitutes copyright infringement
    "IT'S NOT ON THE RULES" - Self explanatory
    Hacked Post - OVERUSE of HTML to make a post seem awesome but overdone
    Time Distortion - Post causes, for some reason, a time distortion
    Judgement - Used by Arceus group users, to use Judgement on that user.
    HTML Abuse - HTML is used to screw up the forums in some way.
    Create reason - What?
    Illegal - Self Explanatory
    Virus - Provides link or attachment of a virus
    Resync - The post unsync'd the forum
    Outrageous - Never used
    *Box with box in it* - Misc
    *Triangle with dot in it* - Never used
    Misc - Misc

    Outrageous Administrator

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