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    NPP (Noble Protection Policy)

    Outrageous Administrator
    Outrageous Administrator

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    ALERT NPP (Noble Protection Policy)

    Post by James1011R on Mon Apr 11, 2011 4:52 pm

    The NPP is written to protect all types of Noble users.

    1. You shall not use an image that depicts a Noble in a bad way. (1st Violation = 7 Days)
    2. You shall not write a bad post about a Noble type in general. (1st Violation = 5 Days)
    3. You shall not promote religious activity on the forums because it is harmful to Demons. (1st Violation = 7 Days)
    4. You shall not actively hate Arcei. (1st Violation = 14 Days)
    5. You shall not actively hate Demons. (1st Violation = 10 Days)
    6. You shall not make fun of a Noble. (1st Violation = 7 Days)
    7. You shall not distribute content that hates on any Noble type. (1st Violation = 14 Days)
    8. You shall not link to a web page hating on Nobles (1st Violation = [Dependent on size of webpage] )
    9. You shall not threaten to physically harm or take legal action against a Noble (Egregious Violation = Perma-ban)

    A second violation of NPP will send you out for 30 Days!

    Third violation or egregious violation of NPP will send you out forever!

    If a violation actually causes any Noble member discomfort, makes him offended, or breaks his peace of mind, it is automatically Egregious

    We take NPP very seriously. We care about our users. We will not tolerate NPP Violations

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    Outrageous Administrator

    Admin James1011R


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    ALERT Re: NPP (Noble Protection Policy)

    Post by sop281 on Wed Apr 13, 2011 5:46 pm

    Excellently made system James.

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