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    Update: Character Classes

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    Update: Character Classes

    Post by James1011R on Sat Jun 18, 2011 10:52 pm

    Choosing a class will give you rewards aligned to that class type.

    You must be at least level 50 and have done 3 Quests to choose a class.

    Class Choosing is done in the Main Hall.

    Warrior (Strength):

    Warriors hit harder with melee weapons and are stronger than most. They also are fighters, which helps them take less damage.

    STR: +15
    Melee Damage: +10%
    Damage Reduction: +5
    Gain "War Strike" Ability

    Barbarian (Endurance):

    Barbarians are savages which are trained to endure all challenges. They also like to strike really hard that one time.

    END: +15
    Critical Damage: +50%
    Defense: +5%
    Gain "Flippin' Rage" Ability

    Soldier (Constitution):

    Soldiers are noble fighters serving their country. Therefore, their Constitution goes up.

    CON: +15
    Quest Reward: +50%
    HP: +10%
    Gain "Loyalty" Ability

    Wizard (Intelligence):

    Wizards are magic users that are very smart and are good at finding what they need. They have mana for their abilities.

    INT: +15
    MP: +10%
    Item Drop: +5%
    Gain "6th Sense" Ability

    Sorcerer (Wisdom):

    Sorcerers are adept magic users and and hit harder with magic.

    WIS: +15
    Ability Effectiveness: +10%
    EXP Gain: +5%
    Gain "Empower" ability

    Thief (Agility):

    Thieves are trained to find (or steal) anything and to be agile.

    AGI: +15
    Reward: +10%
    Item Drop: +10%
    Gain "Pickpocket" Ability

    Athlete (Speed):

    Athletes work out to be the fastest and healthy.

    SPD: +15
    HP: +20%
    Weapon Damage: +5%
    Gain "Energy Rush" Ability

    Merchant (Charisma):

    Merchants have gained a sense of getting their customers to "buy their stuff".

    CHA: +15
    Pixel and Preon Gain: +10%
    Item Success Rate: +5%
    Gain "BUY MY STUFF!" Ability

    Rare Classes:

    Noble (Awesomeness):

    Nobles are the rarest of the normal classes. They enjoy an awesome lifestyle and have responsibilities.

    AWE: +15
    Reward and Item Drop: +10%
    Quest Reward: +100%
    Gain "Refine Self" Ability

    You must be level 100 and have completed 10 Quests to choose this class from the Main Hall.

    Demon (All Stats):

    Demons are dark beings with more power than all the other classes. They are able to use dark powers to their advantage.

    ALL: +15
    Damage: +25%
    HP and MP: +10%
    Gain "Dark Power" Ability

    To gain this class, you must find an Essence of Darkness and place it in the Essence Refiner in a station. Then you must visit a dark zone and use the Pure Essence of Darkness while you are in a completely dark area without a light source.

    You cannot choose this class from the Main Hall.

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