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    Color Mixing System Tower Defense

    Outrageous Administrator
    Outrageous Administrator

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    Color Mixing System Tower Defense

    Post by James1011R on Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:53 pm

    Tier 1:

    Red Machine Gun: 100 Gold (fast)
    Green Rocket: 500 Gold (homing)
    Blue Cannon: 250 Gold (splash)

    Tier 2:

    Yellow Slow: 700 Gold (slows)
    Cyan Plasma: 1500 Gold (hits all in range, continuous)
    Magenta Tesla: 1000 Gold (chains)

    Tier 3:

    Orange Flame: 2000 Gold {pwn 100 enemies using machine gun or slow towers} (burns)
    Lime Confusion: 5000 Gold {pwn 200 enemies using slow or rocket towers} (enemy may go backward)
    Spring Green Force: 2500 Gold {pwn 150 enemies using rocket or plasma towers} (pushes enemy back)
    Azure EMP: 4000 Gold {pwn 300 enemies using plasma or cannon towers} (stuns enemy)
    Purple Lazer: 7000 Gold {pwn 500 enemies using cannon or tesla towers} (strong and fully accurate)
    Rose Splitter: 6000 Gold {pwn 400 enemies using tesla or machine gun towers} (bullets split into more bullets)

    Tier 4:

    Fiery Orange Flaming Gun: 10000 Gold {pwn 200 enemies using flame} (shoots burning bullets)
    Gold Acid Launcher: 7500 Gold {slow 1337 enemies} (acid slows and burns)
    Chartreuse Mindbreaker: 9000 Gold {confuse 100 enemies} (confuses and slows, deals damage)
    Viridian Homing Confuse: 12000 Gold {confuse 300 enemies} (confuses, homing)
    Sea Green Targeted Force: 8000 Gold {pwn 600 enemies using homing projectiles} (homing knockback)
    Aqua Forcefield; 15000 Gold {pwn 300 enemies using force} (forces all enemies back)
    SkyBlue EMP Storm: 14000 Gold {stun 150 enemies using EMP} (stuns all enemies in a range)
    Reflex Blue EMP Blaster: 17500 {stun 350 enemies using EMP} (stuns enemies with splash damage)
    Super Purple Lazer Cannon: 25000 Gold {pwn 500 enemies using lazer} (fully accurate splash)
    Violet Chain Lazer: 20000 Gold {pwn 200 enemies using lazer} (fully accurate, chains)
    Hot Pink Splitting Tesla: 22000 Gold {pwn 400 enemies using splitter} (Fires splitter that chains and splits into chained tesla bullets)
    Crimson Quick Splitter: 12000 Gold {pwn 200 enemies using splitter} (Very fast splitter)

    Outrageous Administrator

    Admin James1011R


    (NOTE: I don't value light)

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