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    Deleting inactive accounts

    Forum Owner Death
    The True Founder and Forum Owner.
    The True Founder and Forum Owner.

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    Deleting inactive accounts

    Post by Forum Owner Death on Wed Jan 13, 2010 7:54 pm

    WARNING:You get ONE choice and it will stay that way.

    I have noticed there are over 150 inactive users on this forum. I do not wish to have this many accounts on the forum when they are inactive. Soon I will add a list of users to be deleted. This includes ALL users, including staff. The list will have users that haven't posted for over 2 months. People that will NOT be deleted are here, even if they aren't active. They'll have 1 month to return before deletion:

    Adding more to list soon...

    Anyone on the following list is an active user and will NOT be deleted unless inactive for 2 months. These people I favor other then me a bit more then most because they have been on-going users of the community, and are heading towards a year of being a staff OR member. Here is that list:

    Admin James1011R
    Forum Owner Death

    This is the list of inactive members, who have NOT been on the forum for more then 2 months and posted:

    Any user not listed...
    Adding actual user names soon...

    This is all I will say. Choose what you wish, as I will not vote because I do not wish for people to feel sad when I vote what they don't want to happen and vote what I voted. So feel free to choose what you wish.

    All non-staff members that haven't posted in 2 months that are NOT guardians or higher rank will be deleted by ALL active staff.

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    The forum owner has arrived.

    Forum Owner Death
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    Outrageous Administrator

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    Re: Deleting inactive accounts

    Post by James1011R on Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:19 pm

    Normal Members get 2 Months
    VIP's get 4 Months
    Guardians get 6 Months
    Outrageous Members get 9 Months
    Mini-Mods get 1 Year
    Mods and Admins get 2 Years
    Owners and AEP Get 5 Years
    Admin James1011R and Forum Owner Death never get deleted.

    That should be the inactive deletion time.

    Outrageous Administrator

    Admin James1011R


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