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    The Epic Contest Sign Up Sheet (256 user contest)

    Outrageous Administrator
    Outrageous Administrator

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    The Epic Contest Sign Up Sheet (256 user contest)

    Post by James1011R on Mon May 04, 2009 10:27 pm

    Admin James1011R (exempt from Round 5)

    Round 1 (256 users): Make the better test in Test forum.
    Round 2 (128 users): Make the better spam in Spam forum.
    Round 3 (64 users): Create a better emoticon (the 8 best emoticons will become smilies on this forum)
    Round 4 (32 users): Create the best looking post in Test or Spam. [combine a lot of BBCode tags!]
    Round 5 (16 users): PM me a good message and the better message's sender will win.
    Quarter-Finals (8 users): Create the most complex forum game in Forum Games forum.
    Semi-Finals: (4 users): *Secret*
    Decision: (2 users): *Top Secret*

    Winner gets 10000 contest points and 1st Place winner group and, somehow, Arceus Rank and Group.
    Finalists get 5000 contest points and 2nd Place winner group.
    Semi-Finalists get 2000 contest points and 3rd Place winner group.
    Participants get the contest attempter group.


    Winner: Fluxite Medal (1 Fluxite)
    Finalist: Randomcommodity Medal (1 Randomcommodity)
    Semi-Finalist: Rhodium Medal (2 Rhodium)
    Quarter-Finalist: Diamond Medal (4 Diamond)
    Round 5: Platinum Medal (8 Platinum)
    Round 4: Gold Medal (16 Gold)
    Round 3: Silver Medal (32 Silver)
    Round 2: Bronze Medal (64 Bronze)
    Round 1: Iron Medal (128 Iron)

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    Apex Epic Person

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    Re: The Epic Contest Sign Up Sheet (256 user contest)

    Post by Fourmer on Thu Jul 09, 2009 8:29 am

    I would but...Nah...

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    Re: The Epic Contest Sign Up Sheet (256 user contest)

    Post by sop281 on Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:18 pm

    Interestin. I'll do it! Very Happy

    King of the North king

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    Re: The Epic Contest Sign Up Sheet (256 user contest)

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